Joseph P.

"In the banking industry we have to exercise caution when providing building access. Our previous janitorial company set off alarms regularly and we even had a few reports of things missing from the supply closet and break rooms. We have a great relationship with our Night Shift staffed person and have even come into our building and found neatly stacked change and loose bills with a post-it note - notifying us that she had found lost cash during a weekend clean."

Even though you made that mental note last week to restock your storage closet, you may be finding out that there are just some things you shouldn't have to worry about. And yet keeping an ample supply of consumable supplies on hand is important to the daily welfare of each person who walks through your doors.

Night Shift's exclusive AutoStock Supply Service removes all the hassle by monitoring, ordering, delivering & restocking all of the consumable supplies for your building. Billing is easily included on the next monthly service invoice.  

Restroom Supplies
Paper products, soaps, hand sanitizers, toilet seat covers, air fresheners, feminine hygiene, etc.

Breakroom Supplies
Coffee supplies, disposable dishware, etc.

General Building Supplies
HVAC filters
Trash receptacles & can liners


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