Periodic services are supplemental services that are typically provided in conjunction with routine services and scheduled in advance. Night Shift also provides periodic services for companies who already have a janitorial provider for but do not offer additional services beyond the scope of their routine cleaning practices.

Hard Surface Floor Care
  - Stripping, sealing and refinishing. A quality
     floor finish lengthens the life of the floor
     because the finish takes the wear instead of
     the flooring.
  - Scrubbing and Recoating.
  - Buffing.
  - Grout Maintenance.

Window Cleaning
Interior & Exterior window cleaning up to four stories. Routinely cleaning windows is a necessary building maintenance activity in order to protect glass from harmful mineral deposits, as well as to enhance the overall image of the building. Typically a scheduled service, Night Shift provides high quality window cleaning using squeegees, providing streak-free windows and clean frames. 

Carpet Care
Night Shift's carpet maintenance is designed to clean, protect and extend the life of carpeted flooring. Services include routine spotting, complete carpet extraction and upholstery cleaning. 

Air Duct Cleaning
Contaminants that are not cleaned out of the duct work get blown back through the system and float in the air we breathe. While this is not healthy for anyone, people who are prone to allergies or asthma can suffer dramatically from breathing in this polluted air. Depending on the type of business, duct cleaning is typically a good idea to complete every 5 years.

hard surface floor care

window cleaning

carpet care

Periodic janitorial services

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