Janitorial services are a vital building maintenance activity for every business. Night Shift maintains buildings from every spectrum of frequency from once weekly to twice daily. The frequency of services depends on foot traffic, expectations and budget. Services that routinely occur typically follow our 10-Step Cleaning Process:

Dusting: High & low; ceiling corners, partitions, desks, hutches, computer screens, window sills, baseboards, etc.
Desks / Countertops: Free from fingerprints, smudges, cup rings, etc.
Carpeted Surfaces: Daily spot vacuuming; and weekly wall-to-wall thorough vacuuming of all carpeted surfaces.
Mopping: Detailed cleaning of all hard surface flooring.
Trash Removal: Can liners relined as necessary & outside of cans wiped as necessary.
Entry doors: Push plates and glass free of fingerprints & smudges.
Furniture Arrangement: Precision aligned
to a customary arrangement.
Restrooms: Stainless steel & dispensers polished. Spotless mirrors & countertops. Sinks, toilets & urinals detailed cleaned and sanitized. Partitions cleaned.
Restroom Products: Restocked to normal levels
Organization of Supply Closet: Orderly and reset to prepare for next time of cleaning.


Light bulb relamping


routine janitorial services

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