o General Office Buildings
o Governmental
o Corporate Headquarters
o Banks/Financial Institutions
o Theaters
o Education K-12
o Automotive Dealerships
o Higher Learning 

With a focus of catering specifically to commercial facilities, Night Shift is able to remain extremely competent and responsive in providing services. Whether your facility requires daily service or a less frequent service schedule, Night Shift has the ability to tailor a program that's a perfect fit.


o Country Clubs
o Industrial
o Retail
o Churches/Religious Facilities
o Medical & Healthcare
o Health Clubs & Fitness







Janitorial services are a vital building maintenance activity for every business. Night Shift maintains buildings from every spectrum of frequency from once weekly to twice daily. The frequency of services depends on foot traffic, expectations and budget. Services that routinely occur typically follow our 10-Step Cleaning Process:

Even though you made that mental note last week to restock your storage closet, you may be finding out that there are just some things you shouldn't have to worry about. And yet keeping an ample supply of consumable supplies on hand is important to the daily welfare of each person who walks through your doors. 

Hospitals, schools, hotels, offices, restaurants, theaters and industrial facilities utilize matting as the first line of defense to stop dirt and moisture from entering their buildings. Mats filter contaminants from entering a building saving hundreds even thousands of dollars a year in excessive cleaning costs and damage to interior floor surfaces.

Periodic services are supplemental services that are typically provided in conjunction with routine services and scheduled in advance. Night Shift also provides periodic services for companies who already have a janitorial provider for but do not offer additional services beyond the scope of their routine cleaning practices.

To customers and employees, the cleanliness of your restrooms says a lot about how your run your business. Because everyone considers restroom hygiene a reflection of overall quality standards, a negative restroom experience can seriously tarnish an otherwise great reputation! Unpleasant odors, old or worn accessories, crowded conditions or general untidiness can be serious issues.

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