Sam H.

"As a facility manager, my job is to coordinate cleaning for all three of our manufacturing locations. I've found Night Shift very easy to work with, and they are always quick to respond to any extra needs we may have. On a Friday afternoon we found a large water leak and after calling the plumber, my next call was to Night Shift. On Monday I was relieved to find no signs of water damage, wet carpet or mildew smell. After they'd finished extracting the water, they had even organized all of the furniture back in place!"

Chemicals and toxins in traditional cleaning products can have harmful effects on a persons immune system? Our bodies absorb pollutants in the air through our skin or by breathing them in. These products can even cause allergies or asthma. You might not see the effects of these pollutants right away, but next time you complain of a headache or your doctor informs you of high blood pressure, consider the fact that it may be a result of the products used to clean your building!

Night Shift has carefully selected Green equipment, supplies and processes that result in long-term proper cleaning of every building while also protecting the health and well-being of employees and customers.

Green Certified
Night Shift uses Green Seal Certified products that are biodegradable, use natural elements & are most effective in ridding an office of bacteria, mold spores and germs.

Cleaner Air
Our Pro Team backpack vacuums have been awarded the Carpet & Rug Institutes Green Label for its HEPA-filtrations ability to collect and filter 99.97% of all particulates. This guarantees that indoor air quality is improved through the vacuuming process, instead of other vacuums that release captured materials back into the air.

Reusable Cloths
Compared to standard wiping cloths, microfiber captures more dirt, drastically reduces chemical use, takes less effort to use & reduces disposal costs by its very long life cycle.

green cleaning for health

our standard operating procedure

Night Shift's incorporation of green cleaning equipment, supplies and
processes are able to preserve or enhance any LEED certified building.