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"After using our own in-house cleaning staff for years, we decided to consider outsourcing as a cost-saving alternative to allow us to focus more on our own business. Night Shift has been a valuable partner - several times a month I've come across someone from Night Shift management conducting building inspections after hours. I think this is a big part of why we see the same level of cleanliness throughout the year."

By partnering with Night Shift you can be confident that your facility will be respectfully maintained and reflect the professional image you wish to project to your clients and employees.

Since 2008, Customers have relied on Night Shift's reputation for providing dependable, efficient and consistent janitorial services. Our overall commitment goes much further than surface level - it is to make buildings cleaner and safer for the people who spend their days working in those buildings.

Commercial cleaning provides the challenge of being consistent and thorough, all while setting up a program to meet every clients budget. The consistent growth that Night Shift has experienced is proof that businesses are on the lookout to partner with a commercial cleaning company that has the expertise, experience and dedication to provide the results desired.

about us

"So Clean - You Won't Even Notice..."

Night Shift Commercial Cleaning Services was created because we saw a need for quality and dependability in the janitorial industry.  We've heard horror stories about cleaning crews caught red handed using the same rags on toilets and office desks; employees that accidentally set off building alarms and then were unable to communicate with police; and companies that have cleaning crews that show up late... or not at all.

Night Shift has adopted the idea that a building should be so clean - you won't even notice. Our goal is to work behind the scenes to prepare your building for the next day of business in a way that is expected - not a surprise. We know that by doing our job, your employees will be able to do theirs - without the distractions of an unkempt building.

If you suffer from a lousy cleaning service, kick it to the curb and explore another option. Hire a company that you know will do a good job. Night Shift is standing by, eager to provide a free no-obligation proposal. And once on board, we will work hard each time we provide service as to continually earn your business. In fact, we will provide our services the way it should be; So clean - you won't even notice!

our slogan

about us

(i) Be fully devoted to our
work each day and to continually
exceed expectations.

(ii) Listen carefully to our
customers to understand their needs
and to provide effective solutions.

(iii) Focus beyond cleaning for
appearance and concentrate on the
health and wellness of building occupants.

our guiding principles

about us

#1: Expect...Competitive Pricing. No matter the exact frequencies or specifications, Night Shift can design a cleaning program to provide first-rate cleaning at an unbeatable value.

#2: Expect...To be Comfortable & Trusting of the Employee Assigned to Your Building.
All Night Shift employees are carefully selected, beginning with an application, criminal background check and a formalized interview. IRS tax forms and I-9 verification is completed, and proper documentation is provided. Each employee is permanently assigned to a building or location, providing consistency and familiarity. Easy to identify uniforms, identification badges and an English speaking staff will allow your staff to feel at ease during each time of service.

#3: Expect... A Job Well Done. Thorough training and continual unannounced building inspections ensure that if there is any area that can be improved on, we are the first to find it.

#4: Expect... A Healthy Indoor Environment. With a focus on indoor air quality and the disinfecting of touch-points, strategies to avoid cross-contamination, etc., Night Shift takes the extra step to make sure that buildings are not only clean, but also healthy to occupy. 

what to expect

#5: Expect... A Quick Response When Needed. Being locally-owned and operated (non-franchise), communication is quickly available through phone or email, and customer feedback is always valued to quickly address any issues, concerns or additional requests that may arise.

#6: Expect... Night Shift to Responsibly Comply with OSHA. All employees are trained on applicable compliance procedures, including safety protocol, use of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), HazCom, and Blood Borne Pathogen Procedures.

#7: Expect... Night Shift to Maintain Proper Insurance. Night Shift is fully insured with two million dollar liability and property damage insurance as well as workers compensation, unemployment insurance and all other applicable forms of insurance.

#8: Expect... The Complete Package. Routine cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, hard surface floor care, fixture relamping, AutoStock Supply Service, etc. Bundling services provides single-source communication, invoicing and reliability. 

#9: Expect... Ease of Transition. Night Shift has the experience and ability to ensure a smooth, headache free transition as we being services.

#10: Expect... So Clean, You Won't Even Notice! Our goal is to work behind the scenes to prepare your building for the next day of business in a way that is expected - not a surprise. We know that by doing our job, your employees will be able to do theirs - without the distractions of an unkempt building.